Osaki is a name that is prominent in the massage chair industry. They have been around for years and the result has been a long line of different chairs, makes, and models that are impressive in their range and in their characteristics. The brand is among the most popular out there and has made its mark with several different choices that provide users with comprehensive, effective, and beneficial massages. The Osaki OS-4000 falls right in line. The reason that the Osaki OS-4000 is so popular is because of the numerous features on the machine. The following delves deeper into these different aspects and characteristics in this comprehensive review.

The Bags

Air bags are at the heart of any effective massage chair. Those that want to buy a chair need to consider that these are the types of features that actually help to create a massage-like feeling that is likened to a spa or as if human hands were doing it. The Osaki OS-4000 does not skimp on these features. There are numerous different airbags located throughout this chair. There are two air bags in the head region alone with an additional two to help massage the neck. There are ten air bags in the legs and another six in the buttocks region, and the list goes on and on. Because there are so many different air bags—nearly fifty to be exact—the body gets a full and complete massage that is unlike any other out there. It is also the reason that the chair can offer five differing pressure intensities to help strengthen or weaken the massage.

The Rollers

Of course, the Osaki does not stop there. The 4000 also has rollers equipped as well. These rollers are created utilizing a softer material. That means that they are effective but they are also not aggressive when they move across the body. The user gets a comfortable massage while still having it be beneficial. The width of the rollers helps in this as well. The rollers on the Osaki are longer and that helps to ensure that they go up and down the body to provide full coverage. As such, they are highly effective.

The Design

The design of the Osaki OS-4000 has included ergonomic design options. The ergonomic style focuses on creating a chair that actually adapts and supports the body in its current form. The body has a natural curve to the spine. Many chairs completely ignore this and make a straight or straight-angle back. This means that those that use unergonomic chairs are going to not get the full effectiveness of the massage. The ergonomic design of this chair—working with the scanner which will be discussed below—takes a different approach. The chair is curved so that it hits all of the different spots on the body. The s-shape cradles the body and provides a massage from top to bottom.

The Massage Options

There are numerous different programs and massage functions on the OS-4000. There is the kneading motion, for example. It allows the rollers on the machine to massage and release the stress of the body. There is also the rolling massage. This massage creates a motion in a massage that goes up and down the body like a liquid. It is smooth and very relaxing. These and numerous other options are available and make this machine impressively strong.

The Scanner

The 4000 also has a body scanner equipped within the machine. The body scan is a feature on the chair that actually utilizes scanning technology to go up and down the body. This results in the machine actually taking the dimensions of the body so as to provide a more accurate massage. By knowing the dimensions of the body, the machine can adjust and ensure that the massage is customized to that individual.

The Benefits

Like any machine, there are strong benefits to the Osaki OS-4000. These benefits include:

  • Numerous rollers for complete massage
  • Long rollers that are over two feet in length
  • Nearly fifty airbags with extra cushions
  • The scan
  • Ergonomic design

The Drawbacks

  • The size of the machine is large compared with other models out there