Chapter 1. How to Choose the Best: What You Need to Know to Get the Right Massage Chair

As with any purchase, it is important to understand just what it is that you are looking for when buying a massage chair. There are several different criteria that should be examined and reviewed before buying. This is not a one-size-fits-all process. In fact, the right chair for you may be very different than the right choice for someone else. Therefore, knowing the different characteristics that should be reviewed and looked at before buying is very important. Whether you have an idea of what these features are or are not sure, the following are the different things that you should consider before swiping your credit card and making that big purchase.

The Brand

The brand of a chair matters when it comes to buying. While some brands are new to the market, others have been around for years. There is nothing to suggest that a chair from a new brand is not as good as others, but there is a security in knowing that there is a history of success. Therefore, it is very important that those choosing a chair research the brand of the chair as much as the chair itself. This will help to provide a more complete idea of the chair and its quality.

The Store

There are several different locations that you can purchase a massage chair from. From furniture stores to home goods retailers and more, several brick-and-mortar options to purchase from do exist. With the advent of the internet and online shopping, there are other locations from which an individual can purchase their massage chair as well. When researching a chair, it is equally important to really look at the retailer from which you are purchasing. While a brand and a chair can be great and the perfect fit, buying from a shady store can cause serious problems. Therefore, when looking for a massage chair, make sure to look at the store as well.

Make Your Priorities List

A great place to start when beginning your massage chair purchasing journey is to make a priority list of the features that you want in a chair and what you want your chair to do for you. This priority list is not going to be the same from one individual to another. That is why it is so important to really think about the chair and what you want it do. For instance, some individuals want a chair that can work on multiple regions of the body. Others, though, want a chair that is economical above all else. Still, others may want a chair to help with a particular emotion, feeling, or health ailment. Regardless, it is important to prioritize these wants and expectations so as to weed through the different chair options available and select the one that is right for you.

Money, Money, Money

Unfortunately, for most individuals, budget matters. Not everyone has thousands upon thousands of dollars to spend on a massage chair. For those that do, that is great! But for those that want to make sure that they do not break the bank when choosing a chair, it is important to really set a budget from the beginning of the researching and shopping journey. After making a priority list, buyers and potential purchasers should sit down and get a dollar figure idea of how much that they want to invest in a chair. Remember, there are options across different price ranges and those that can be purchased at a budget-friendly price point.

When looking at chairs, examine the price against the features it offers. It may be beneficial to invest a bit more to get several extra features than to spend less on a chair that does not do near what you need it do. Also, remember that just because there is an extremely high price point, does not mean that the chair is overwhelmingly better than less expensive options. Again, be sure to look at the price versus the features list.

Read the Reviews

Be sure that when you are starting to look for a massage chair that you read the reviews. Knowing what someone else liked and disliked bout a chair can be very beneficial. It will show you what worked and what didn’t. It also will tell you what to be aware of and what the benefits of the chair may be. Further, by reading the reviews, you may learn more than just about the chair. You may also learn about brands to stay away from and those that have a strong customer satisfaction rate. Because reviews are so important, they should come from an unbiased location. Make sure to look for reviews from real customers whenever possible and examine those beyond just those found on the manufacturer, store, or brand’s website.

The Protection Plan

As noted above, price of a massage chair is likely going to matter. When thinking about the price, though, do consider the warranty or protection plan that comes with the chair. This can be very important in that it can bring a lot of additional value. Ask the manufacturer or store what protection plan is available—if any—and think of the mental and physical piece of mind that this can bring.

Research, Research, Research

Another important—if not the most important—part of selecting the right massage chair is to really research the options. There are several on the market that are great. This means the odds are in your favor to select the right one, if you take the time to research. Taking the time and really looking at what is available and what features you are seeking can do more than just help you to get the right one. It can also help you stay within budget as well. The more knowledge that you have, the more likely that you are to choose a chair that is right for your needs and will not be a disappointment down the line. There are many different features to research and things to consider. The most popular and most important include:

  1. The Massage Focus: Is it the back, the legs, the head, the neck? Where do you want your massager to focus?  Research to ensure the option you are selecting will massage the correct place.
  2. Style and Design: A chair is a piece of furniture. It should blend in well with your home and fit your needs aesthetically as well as in features. Therefore, make sure when you are researching that you consider what different options in color and style that there are in that particular model. This, again, will help you to make sure you are making the right decisions and getting a chair you will be in love with for years to come.
  3. The Programs: There are many different programs that come with a massage chair and these programs can vary from machine to machine. Think about what you want in a massager and research whether or not the one you are researching meets those needs. A bit of research now can save you frustration in the long run and ensure that you enjoy your chair now and in the future.
  4. The Customization: Customization is key in selecting a massager. There are many different ways that a massager can be customized, depending on the machine itself. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have a massage chair that is programmed correctly or has the customization features that you need to really enjoy your massage. This can make a world of difference not only in how much you love the chair but also in how effective it is at meeting your needs.