With new additions each and every year in massage chairs, it can be difficult to make an impact. So many chairs simply blend in with the crowd and fail to make a mark. They carry the same features, the same style, or the same technologies as chairs have for years without being innovative or unique. There are certain chairs, though, that make an impact when they join the massage chair market and quickly rise to the top of the pack. The Infinity by Iyashi is one of these chairs.

The Iyashi is designed with superiority and advancement in mind. Unlike any other chair out there, Infinity made sure to take into account the needs and wants of a modern user. From heating features that warm as well as massage to a unique design style, the Iyashi by Infinity does not disappoint. To learn more, keep on reading.

The Rollers and Air Bags

As with any massage chair, the importance should be in how effective and powerful the massage is. With the Infinity, the massage is impressively strong. This is because of the complex and effective roller and airbag system that comes equipped on the Iyashi. The Iyashi has rollers that are patented and among the most comprehensive in the industry. They reach an amazing forty-nine inches in their stroke. This means that they go the furthest in any chair on the market today!

The Iyashi has numerous airbags as well. These airbags are filled with air and are used to massage the body in a therapeutic way. The reason that this therapy feature is so highlighted is because the airbags are multi-layered. This increases the compression capability and can increase the range and type of massages that the chair offers. As such, it makes an impact and that is exactly what Infinity wanted in this chair.

The Massage Chair Areas

So, knowing that there are numerous different massage features on this chair does not tell you everything about it. It is also important to understand the main focus areas that you can choose from when using it. These areas include:

  1. The Legs
    2. The Feet
    3. The Back
    4. The Buttocks
    5. The Shoulders
    6. The Waist
    7. The Arms

These sections can be chosen individually through a manual process. They can also be chosen in program settings. There are numerous different programs on the Iyashi. From the full body and airbag program which inflates airbags throughout the system to the extend program which works to elongate the body and many more, this is an amazing system.
The Look

As noted, the design of the Iyashi is different than any other that you will see. Firstly, the design focuses on comfort. They want the user to enjoy the massage and really feel like they are being well-cushioned. The chair has a modern style feel with its cube features that lend itself to a modern design aesthetic. Moreover, Infinity knows that one color, just as one massage type, does not fit all. That is why they made sure to include numerous different color options in a two-toned feature. There are options of caramel, white, and black, among others. These color options allow the chair to differ from home to home or office to office to fit in with the color schematic of that particular location. With each color choices, though, the features remain consistent across each model.

The No Gravity Feature

The Iyashi by Infinity has one of the best features that can come in a massage chair: the zero-gravity feature. This means that those who use the chair can recline into a position that elongates, stretches, and lays the body down in a position that is perfect for a full-body massage. But, when the chair reclines, it allows the individual to feel as if they are weightless, like they are floating in zero gravity. The chair, too, reclines in a way that does not cause the back to lean back. That means that it can be placed near a wall and not cause marks and scuffs when the zero-gravity feature is used.

The Benefits

There are several benefits of the Iyashi that include:

  • Zero Gravity (2 seating options)
  • Roller extensions longest on any current chair
  • Bluetooth connection option
  • Heated option

The Drawbacks

  • The cost is higher than other models on the market