Affordable Luxury: A Closer Look at the Titan TI-7800 and All That It Has to Offer


When it comes to choosing a massage chair, the task can be daunting and mundane. A lot of chairs start to blend together with their similar features and their lack of uniqueness. For the seasoned buyer, weaving through the different features can be easier than when a newbie to the field starts looking. But, even the most well-experienced individual can find the task overwhelming when a chair does not stand out against the numerous others in their field. That is why the Titan TI-7800 is a must explore.

The Titan TI-7800 is a chair that is made with the user in mind. They have taken the time to really think about what is on the market and where the market can be improved. The Titan is packed with features that individually may not have uniqueness but on the same chair, really do. All of these features, plus the focus on design, is why this chair is rising to the top of the massage chair list. To learn more about this highly popular chair and all that it has to offer, read the in-depth review below!

The Design

The Titan TI 7800 is a chair with great options in style. This is very different than other chairs on the market. The Titan TI 87800 does not believe that individuals need to have the same look in a chair. That is why they have created choices. Those that want this chair can choose different color options and design selections. There are four different looks with combinations of colors that are great for many different environments. This style choice is another highlight of the chair and really adheres to the 7800’s belief that just because the chair has so many functions does not mean that the design has to suffer in the process.

The Options

One of the most impressive features of the Titan TI-7800 is the programs that are equipped on this chair. There are four different pre-programmed choices for those that want the chair to navigate their massage for them. The programs are based upon two different choices: the type and the motion. The types of massages include options like Shiatsu, which is great for those who have an idea of what their body needs or just want to choose an option that is highly popular in spas. There also the options that feel like the hands of a well-seasoned masseuse. These human-based options include motions like kneading and tapping, depending on what the user selects.

Others, though, do not want the machine to dictate how their massage navigates their body. That is okay and Titan has thought of this. With the Titan TI-7800, a user can choose how they want the chair to work and where they want the massage to focus. This helps because it can choose a different location of massage and then switch it up with the click of the remote. It is that simple and that customizable which makes it a great chair for users that have specific needs and wants from their massage.

The Cost

Massage chairs can range in price. Some cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Others are cheaper but may not deliver on the promises that they make. What is great about the Titan Ti-7800 is that it is a happy medium between these two places. This chair is great because it is affordable, especially when compared to the high costs that massage chairs can pull in. Yet, it does not sacrifice on all of the  amazing features that a chair can have. In fact, it packs amazingness into the chair time and time again. From the style options to the massage selections, it is a great and affordable chair selection.

The Plan

The other reason that there is so much love for this massage chair goes beyond just the price and features themselves. This chair actually comes with a warranty that makes it great and protects the buyer against normal breakdown and wear and tear that any chair will experience. This protection plan only increases the value and makes the chair a great option for those that want true value with all of the bells and whistles and highlights Titan’s belief that everyone should be able to experience a great massage whenever they want!

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Taking a Closer Look at  Dream Chair: The Dreamwave by Sogno


When it comes to buying a major piece of furniture, it is important to understand that the name that you are buying is trusted. This is no exception when it comes to massage chairs. Sogno is a trusted name in the massage chair industry and has decades of experience in manufacturing these home spa items. Over fifty years in business, Sogno has numerous different chairs that have graced the homes and offices of people from around the world. The Dreamwave is a chair that is upholding this trusted name and is continuing to provide an amazing chair. From customizable features to an idea that a massage chair should have options, keep reading to learn all of the amazing characteristics that make the Dreamwave an awesome massage chair.

Maximum Coverage

One reason that the Sogno Dreamwave is an amazing chair is because of the sheer amount of coverage that it provides. Individuals who use the chair can get a massage that is more comprehensive in its coverage area than any other chair out there today. The reason that this is possible is because of the different air bags in the machine that provide the pressure needed to get a thorough massage experience. This chair has over one-hundred air bags. This, coupled with over ten different motors and additional rollers, allows the entire body to receive that spa and massage experience.

The Programming

Another reason that the Sogno Dreamwave rises to the top of the pack when it comes to massage chairs is because of the programming options. Preset programs are great because they allow the user to select a program and let the chair do the work. Those that purchase a Sogno Dreamwave will have the option of choosing from over seven different preset options. That means that with the click of a button, the chair will start the massage and allow the user to relax and enjoy.

But, for those that want a customized massage, that is an option as well. The presets are not the only option. There are manual selections that can be made as well. These options include allowing the user to select the type or feel of massage and the location of focus. There are options that include movements like kneading massage or shiatsu, among others. Therefore, the chair is not only pre-programmed but customizable as well.

The Recline

When many think of a massage chair, they think of a stationary chair that sits and massages in one position. The Sogno Dreamwave has taken this image and turned it on its head. The Dreamwave allows individuals to move the chair into a reclining position. That means that the feeling becomes much closer to laying in a prostrate position like at an actual spa. Further, by laying in a reclined position, the body is more susceptible and prepared to receive an effective massage. The chair can extend into a one-hundred-sixty degree incline. Further, it comes equipped with a padded footrest as well that can be angled for the perfect positioning.

The Look

The Dreamwave is about style as well as functionality. The machine has a gorgeous finish. The faux leather looks real without the moral struggle and comes in three different colors. For those that purchase, there will be a decision to choose between black and brown as well as a crimson hue. Further, the chair is made from materials that are meant to last. Engineering efforts were made to make a massage chair that is highly durable. There is also a pocket that holds the remote control that individuals need to utilize the chair and all features. It is within easy reach, too.

The Wrap-Up

In essence, the Sogno Dreamwave is an impressively crafted and well-functioning chair that has a lot to offer. It is not—just like anything—without its drawbacks. The benefits and drawbacks include:

The Benefits

  • Massages the entire body with patented technology unlike any other chair on the market
  • Numerous different massage programs and manual options
  • Additional features focused on safety
  • Durable design for years of use
  • Perfect for users from youth to adult
  • Extended warranty option for more protection

The Drawbacks

  • Higher cost than other options on the market


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  Understanding the Chair: An In-Depth Review of the Osaki OS-4000


Osaki is a name that is prominent in the massage chair industry. They have been around for years and the result has been a long line of different chairs, makes, and models that are impressive in their range and in their characteristics. The brand is among the most popular out there and has made its mark with several different choices that provide users with comprehensive, effective, and beneficial massages. The Osaki OS-4000 falls right in line. The reason that the Osaki OS-4000 is so popular is because of the numerous features on the machine. The following delves deeper into these different aspects and characteristics in this comprehensive review.

The Bags

Air bags are at the heart of any effective massage chair. Those that want to buy a chair need to consider that these are the types of features that actually help to create a massage-like feeling that is likened to a spa or as if human hands were doing it. The Osaki OS-4000 does not skimp on these features. There are numerous different airbags located throughout this chair. There are two air bags in the head region alone with an additional two to help massage the neck. There are ten air bags in the legs and another six in the buttocks region, and the list goes on and on. Because there are so many different air bags—nearly fifty to be exact—the body gets a full and complete massage that is unlike any other out there. It is also the reason that the chair can offer five differing pressure intensities to help strengthen or weaken the massage.

The Rollers

Of course, the Osaki does not stop there. The 4000 also has rollers equipped as well. These rollers are created utilizing a softer material. That means that they are effective but they are also not aggressive when they move across the body. The user gets a comfortable massage while still having it be beneficial. The width of the rollers helps in this as well. The rollers on the Osaki are longer and that helps to ensure that they go up and down the body to provide full coverage. As such, they are highly effective.

The Design

The design of the Osaki OS-4000 has included ergonomic design options. The ergonomic style focuses on creating a chair that actually adapts and supports the body in its current form. The body has a natural curve to the spine. Many chairs completely ignore this and make a straight or straight-angle back. This means that those that use unergonomic chairs are going to not get the full effectiveness of the massage. The ergonomic design of this chair—working with the scanner which will be discussed below—takes a different approach. The chair is curved so that it hits all of the different spots on the body. The s-shape cradles the body and provides a massage from top to bottom.

The Massage Options

There are numerous different programs and massage functions on the OS-4000. There is the kneading motion, for example. It allows the rollers on the machine to massage and release the stress of the body. There is also the rolling massage. This massage creates a motion in a massage that goes up and down the body like a liquid. It is smooth and very relaxing. These and numerous other options are available and make this machine impressively strong.

The Scanner

The 4000 also has a body scanner equipped within the machine. The body scan is a feature on the chair that actually utilizes scanning technology to go up and down the body. This results in the machine actually taking the dimensions of the body so as to provide a more accurate massage. By knowing the dimensions of the body, the machine can adjust and ensure that the massage is customized to that individual.

The Benefits

Like any machine, there are strong benefits to the Osaki OS-4000. These benefits include:

  • Numerous rollers for complete massage
  • Long rollers that are over two feet in length
  • Nearly fifty airbags with extra cushions
  • The scan
  • Ergonomic design

The Drawbacks

  • The size of the machine is large compared with other models out there


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A New Review: A Closer Look at The Iyashi by Infinity and the Features that Make It Great


With new additions each and every year in massage chairs, it can be difficult to make an impact. So many chairs simply blend in with the crowd and fail to make a mark. They carry the same features, the same style, or the same technologies as chairs have for years without being innovative or unique. There are certain chairs, though, that make an impact when they join the massage chair market and quickly rise to the top of the pack. The Infinity by Iyashi is one of these chairs.

The Iyashi is designed with superiority and advancement in mind. Unlike any other chair out there, Infinity made sure to take into account the needs and wants of a modern user. From heating features that warm as well as massage to a unique design style, the Iyashi by Infinity does not disappoint. To learn more, keep on reading.

The Rollers and Air Bags

As with any massage chair, the importance should be in how effective and powerful the massage is. With the Infinity, the massage is impressively strong. This is because of the complex and effective roller and airbag system that comes equipped on the Iyashi. The Iyashi has rollers that are patented and among the most comprehensive in the industry. They reach an amazing forty-nine inches in their stroke. This means that they go the furthest in any chair on the market today!

The Iyashi has numerous airbags as well. These airbags are filled with air and are used to massage the body in a therapeutic way. The reason that this therapy feature is so highlighted is because the airbags are multi-layered. This increases the compression capability and can increase the range and type of massages that the chair offers. As such, it makes an impact and that is exactly what Infinity wanted in this chair.

The Massage Chair Areas

So, knowing that there are numerous different massage features on this chair does not tell you everything about it. It is also important to understand the main focus areas that you can choose from when using it. These areas include:

  1. The Legs
    2. The Feet
    3. The Back
    4. The Buttocks
    5. The Shoulders
    6. The Waist
    7. The Arms

These sections can be chosen individually through a manual process. They can also be chosen in program settings. There are numerous different programs on the Iyashi. From the full body and airbag program which inflates airbags throughout the system to the extend program which works to elongate the body and many more, this is an amazing system.
The Look

As noted, the design of the Iyashi is different than any other that you will see. Firstly, the design focuses on comfort. They want the user to enjoy the massage and really feel like they are being well-cushioned. The chair has a modern style feel with its cube features that lend itself to a modern design aesthetic. Moreover, Infinity knows that one color, just as one massage type, does not fit all. That is why they made sure to include numerous different color options in a two-toned feature. There are options of caramel, white, and black, among others. These color options allow the chair to differ from home to home or office to office to fit in with the color schematic of that particular location. With each color choices, though, the features remain consistent across each model.

The No Gravity Feature

The Iyashi by Infinity has one of the best features that can come in a massage chair: the zero-gravity feature. This means that those who use the chair can recline into a position that elongates, stretches, and lays the body down in a position that is perfect for a full-body massage. But, when the chair reclines, it allows the individual to feel as if they are weightless, like they are floating in zero gravity. The chair, too, reclines in a way that does not cause the back to lean back. That means that it can be placed near a wall and not cause marks and scuffs when the zero-gravity feature is used.

The Benefits

There are several benefits of the Iyashi that include:

  • Zero Gravity (2 seating options)
  • Roller extensions longest on any current chair
  • Bluetooth connection option
  • Heated option

The Drawbacks

  • The cost is higher than other models on the market


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Examining the Next Generation of Chairs: An In-Depth Review of the Fujita KN9003


There are a handful of different brands that dominate the massage chair market. Among them is the Fujita. Fujita has a legacy of excellence and they continue to create and distribute products that represent this attribute. Not only that, though, but Fujita also develops products that are equipped with designs that make them modern and beautiful. Among the most impressive of these chairs it eh Fujita KN9003. The Fujita KN9003 has been said to create the perfect massage. Though this may be a strong claim, the features on the chair are very impressive. The following outlines these different features in order to help you when considering this chair for purchase.

Gender Difference

One of the greatest things about this chair is that there are different programming selections based upon gender. This is important as men and women have different physical needs. The chair takes this into account and has two different settings: one for males and one for females. The strength of the massage and the locations of emphasis differ from one program to the next.

The Stretch

One of the best features of the Fujita is that it offers a stretch feature. This feature allows for the lengthening of the muscles through the use of the roller system. There are rollers throughout this machine that do amazing things to the spine. It helps to lengthen the body through smooth motion and really focuses on relieving tension in the vertebrae. As such, it is great for those that suffer from lower back pain or pain in that region in general. This feature is especially highlighted when a user chooses the Thai massage option.

The rollers, however, do not stop at stretching this region of the body alone. The feet, too, benefit from the rollers. This is because the rollers are placed in this region and can help to release tension in a region of the body that experiences a lot of wear and tear. If a user experiences foot and ankle pain, this is a great chair to help with relieving the pain of this region of the body and is a must on the review list.

The Bags

Air bags are an essential part of any massage system. They are, in essence, the backbone of the massage. Air bags fill up and are what distributes the pressure and massage feeling that individuals crave. The air bags in the Fujita KN9003 do not disappoint and are focused on really helping with relieving tension in numerous places on the body. While air bags are located throughout, it is not just the bags themselves that are helpful. It is the positioning. The Fujita has paid attention and has strategically placed the massagers in this system. They are located in a V-shape. What this means is that there is an increased focus on the lower region of the body, highlighting the needs of the hip region. This allows for relief of tension in this region.

The Heat Factor

Massages are great on their own. They are made even better when there is heat that comes along with that. The Fujita has provided users with an option for a heated massage. Heat sensors throughout the chair will increase the intensity and effectiveness of the  massage by providing increased temperature, when selected. This heat helps to really relax the muscles and the body and provide a more effective massage. This feature is another reason why the Fujita KN9003 is such a popular chair and why it is so effective in creating a well-rounded massage.

The Wrap-Up

The Fujita KN9300 is a must-see chair. It has all of the features and factors that a chair should have in a unique style design. The chair is large but can be perfect for the right home or office. Geared toward those that want a true and real massage just like that in the spa, this chair is popular for good reasons, as expounded upon above.

Of course, no chair or product is perfect. There are some drawbacks to any type of purchase. However, the benefits tend to outweigh the drawbacks, as noted in this list:

The Benefits

  • Scans body for more accurate massage
  • Gender-specific programming
  • Rollers, including in the feet region
  • Stretching feature
  • Heated massage option

The Drawbacks

  • Larger size

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The Cozzia EC363E


When it comes to design, often times massage chairs lack finesse. They are traditional. They are boring. And they are basic. Then, a chair comes to the market that has a bit more grace, elegance, and sophistication. The Cozzia EC363E is the elite in design for massage chairs. With all of the beautiful and needed features of a massage chair with the design elements that make it beautiful on its own, this chair is more than well-rounded. It is beautiful.

The Cozzia EC363E is more than just beautiful, though. It has amazing features that make it a strong massage chair. From the scanning feature to the intensity options, the Cozzia EC363E is a chair that can provide the much needed relaxation and massage techniques that users want and need in a chair. To learn more about this amazing chair, check out the review of the Cozzia EC363E and how these features may make the perfect addition to your home.

The Pressure Changes

There are those that like a tough massage with a great deal of intensity. There are those that want a weaker and more delicate massage. For many chairs, the options of having both in one are not possible. The Cozzia EC363E does not believe that a user should have to choose. In fact, they have focused on allowing the user of the chair to choose the intensity level that they want and mix it up as they need. With five different intensity options, those that sit in this massage chair are truly in control. They can have a deeper massage or a gentle one whichever and whenever they choose. This is a coveted feature and one of the best in this model.

The Scan

The Cozzia EC363E has another great feature that ups the effectiveness of the machine: the auto-scan. The auto-scan actually takes what amounts as a picture of the dimensions of the body. The height and width are detected through infrared sensors. What this does is allow the chair to respond to the needs of the individual. It also allows the chair to customize the massage to that particular user’s needs This is something that is very unique and not equipped on all chairs. It also is amazing in how it can change the effectiveness. The massage is better and deeper and more effective. This is a popular and very coveted feature and makes the Cozzia EC363E one of the best in the business.

The Programs

Programming is important on a massage chair. It determines what type of massage there will be and what it will provide to the user. The Cozzia EC363E is a chair that believes in options. The Cozzia offers users six different options in a massage. They have everything from programs that are focused on health and well-being. There are options that promote the body’s cardiovascular health and blood circulation. There is even a program that has therapeutic features, too. With these different options, the user is in charge of what they want and can really mix it up as they feel and need. This is another of the popular reasons why this chair is topping the charts.

The Heat Aspect

A massage can be made better by heat. It helps to relax the muscles and really prepare the body to get ready for the massage that is about to happen. The Cozzia EC363E does not disappoint with their heat options. The heated feature is great in that it can help to, as noted, relax the muscles. It also does something else. When heat is used in a chair like this and coupled with a programmed or other chosen setting, it can really help healing. It also helps the blood to get flowing as well. As such, heat is an important element and the Cozzia’s targeted approach is amazing.

The Pros and Cons

As with any chair, there are some issues that can arise with the Cozzia. But, there are amazing pros, too. The following outlines more about these pros and cons in an easy to understand and digest way so that you can make a more informed decision when researching or buying. The pros and cons include:

The Pros:

  • Airbags located in critical places for a well-rounded massage
  • S-shape support for the spine region
  • Heat
  • Body Scan
  • Awesome programming options

The Cons

  • The price
  • The size

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Delving Deeper: A Closer Look and Review of the Cozzia 16028

There are chairs that make a true splash when they hit the massage chair market. Then, there are those that soar to the top of the pack. The Cozzia 16028 is the latter. This chair is doing more than just adding itself to the lineup of the massage chair options. It is making users very happy in an economically and reasonably priced massage chair choice. From the addition of heated features to the other amazing options that are attached to this chair, it is no wonder that users are reacting so positively to this new addition. If you are unsure if this is the right chair for you or want to learn more, the review below takes a look at the features that this chair has to offer.

The No Gravity Choice

More and more chairs are offering a zero gravity feature on the massage chairs, and the Cozzia 16028 is no exception. This chair has this feature which allows the individual user to recline in a way that makes them feel near weightless. This adds its own element of additional relaxation. It also does something else. The zero gravity feature helps to extend and open the body so that it can absorb the massage in an amazing way. The zero gravity allows the user to be relaxed and deepens the effectiveness of the massage, also adding to its popularity in the massage chair market.

The Extensive Roller System

The Cozzia 16028 does not just want to blend in. It really wants to stand out and one needs to look no further than the quad roller system to see how impressive the design of this feature is. The roller system is more extensive because of the directions that they go. The quad roller system goes both vertically and horizontally. This allows the muscles to be elongated and feel more relaxed, more so than just in a traditional massage chair. The system also has a scan feature that makes the rollers work better. The reason? The scan feature actually figure out the width and height of the individual so as to tailor the massage to that particular person’s needs. It is no wonder, with this impressive feature, that buyers are reacting so positively.

The Choices

Programs are an important part of any chair. They, essentially, dictate how the massage will go and where it will focus. The best massage chairs provide options and the Cozzia 16028 is no exception. Among the different programming options are a rolling massage that cascades down the body. There is also an air massage that helps to relax the body and focus on hitting all of the problem spots. For those that do not want this type of controlled or programmed massage, however, there is no worry. The Cozzia 16028 has manual selections as well. That means that the individual can choose where they want the massage.

Bring on the Heat

The Cozzia 16028 has a heated feature, too. This feature helps to bring the user even another layer of additional relaxation. Heat helps to relax the muscles and this allows the additional massage features to really do their work effectively. The user can control the heat and that also makes it great as it is not automatic or required. For those that have sore muscles or problem areas, the heat can be an amazing addition and can really elevate a massage. Be sure to check it out!

The Design Features

The Cozzia 16028 is absolutely exceptional in the design. There are fake-leather features that appear real, which gives it that lux feel. It is also another of the reasons why people are falling in love with this chair as it appears extremely luxurious without having that high-end price tag. The classic design also means that this chair can fit into many different home or office designs, too.

Putting it All Together

The price is amazing on the Cozzia 16028 and it is one of the reasons that people love it. But, as with any chair, there are going to be different strengths and weaknesses. The key is to really think about the price verse value and whether or not the features that the chair has are what you are seeking. The strengths and weaknesses on this chair include:

The Benefits:

  • Options in massage types and programming
  • Rollers that can create an overall feeling of a spa-like massage
  • The heat factor
  • Options in intensity settings

The Drawbacks:

  • Chair lacks massage features for the arm region


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Panasonic EP1285KL

The Panasonic EP1285KL is a chair that was designed with the common user in mind. But, that does not mean it was created with less features than a professional chair. On the contrary, the Panasonic EP1285KL was developed so that the everyday user could have the spa-like experience that they deserved without the continual cost of going to the spa. As such, it created an accessible machine that is working its way up to the top of the massage chair list with every new season.

There are several reasons why this chair is so popular among users. At the top of the list, though, would have to be the immense amount of features that it has on each model. Panasonic is a trusted name in the business. From electronics to other gadgets. Their reputation of extravagance at an affordable price does not stop with home entertainment. Chairs like the EP1285KL are feature packed and are amazingly popular because Panasonic has brought along this reputational value to this line of products as well. If you are still skeptical, keep reading to learn what you need to know about this amazingly awesome and impressive chair.

Programming Options

The Panasonic EP1285KL has created a chair that the user can literally click a button and start receiving a massage. This is possible because of the four pre-programmed massage options. Each of these programs was created to mimic the feel of a spa and a human-given massage. There are options like Shiatsu and Chiro. There is a Swedish selection as well. What takes these massages to the next level is there combination opportunities with the intensity options as well. That means that those who utilize this chair can choose their intensity levels as well. In fact, there are five different selections in intensity that can be combined with a massage and that makes it a great and wonderful chair with multiple combination options.

The Energy Factor

The goal of the Panasonic brand is to provide a true user experience that brings value, no matter what the product may be. The massage chairs that they create are no exception to this and neither is the EP1285KL. The Panasonic EP1285KL is a chair that has a goal of holistic health. Massages bring value such as relaxation and energy. This chair focuses on providing programming options that do just that. The EP1285KL has selections and settings that can energize the body or provide relaxation, depending on what the case may be. All of these, too, are available with just a few clicks of the remote as well.

The Style

The design of a massage chair should be considered as much as the massage that it provides. When it comes to the Panasonic EP1285KL, this is not overlooked. The style of the chair is very modern and sleek. With black features and an overall monochromatic design, the chair screams luxury. That is another reason why so many are falling in love with this chair because it really does do more than just massage. It can be a great piece of furniture in a home.

The Ottoman

There is another great aspect of the Panasonic EP1285KL that cannot be overlooked. This feature is called the ottoman or air ottoman system. The air ottoman helps to provide a deep massage to regions of the body that other chairs forget. Specifically, the air ottoman focuses on the legs. It also adds massage features to the ankles and feet as well. The reason that this is called the air ottoman is because it is created using a system of air bags that apply the pressure and translate the type of massage the user wants to that user. With over ten different air bag and pocket options it is no wonder that the chair is able to give such an effective massage, especially to the calf and lower back region.

The Benefits and Drawbacks

Of course, even with all of these amazing features, there are important drawbacks to review. No product is perfect and that includes this one. Therefore, the following list provides you with a quick glance of the pros and cons in order that you can make an informed purchase. The pros and cons include:

The Benefits

  • Multiple program selections
  • Eight different modes
  • Realistic approach
  • The ottoman system
  • The design

The Drawbacks

  • Multiple features that take time for the user to get to know
  • Few color selections

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Massage with a Purpose: An In-Depth Review of the New Osaki OS-7200H

Osaki is a brand that is continually reinventing itself. They do this year and year again with new makes and models that dominate the industry in their style and sophistication. One of the newest releases to this line up is the Osaki OS-7200H. Just as with generations of chairs before, this massager does not disappoint. The 7200H is packed with features that are sending buyers running. With an eye on comfort and sleek design, without sacrificing functionality, this chair is among the best that the industry has to offer. For those who are aware, this chair takes the Osaki 4000T to the next level. For those who are not familiar with that previous chair or are interested in learning more, this review focuses on the different options and features.

No Gravity

Zero gravity is not just reserved for space adventures. It is also a great feature in many massage chairs, including the OS-7200H. Zero Gravity refers to a trend in chairs where the body can be positioned into a weightless-like massage position. This position is reclined and allows the body to open up to the massage experience. There is an overall feeling of relaxation because tension that is put on the pulmonary and cardiovascular organs is naturally lifted when the body is in this position. It is also why this feature is socoveted and so needed on a device.

The Rollers

The rollers in the 7200H are among the best in the business. These rollers are advanced and really are a step up from the other models. The massagers are not just horizontal in their functioning. They go both horizontally and vertically allowing the user a two-leveled massage approach. The more massagers and the more directions, the more equipped the chair is for handling the different contours of the body. The better and more precise the massage which allows the user to get a true massage experience with a high level of intensity as well.

The Air Bags

Air bags are essentially the backbone of any chair. The Osaki OS-7200H knows this and has developed a machine that is highly focused on air bags and their functionality. There are numerous air bags throughout the chair that help to provide that cushioned support. They also translate the massage motion and intensity to the individual in the chair. These air bags, coupled with the additional comfort supports, make it one of the best machines on the market.

The Height Factor

For those who are taller, many different products and furniture do not suit the needs of the body. Being taller means that chairs can hit in the wrong place and cause pain instead of comfort. The Osaki OS-7200H takes this into account and provides a system that can meet the massage needs of taller individuals. The reason is because the chair has numerous rollers of an extended length. This length allows all parts of individuals of above average height without having to have specially adapted equipment. This feature is another one of the reasons that the 7200H is so popular.

The Intensity Factor

The intensity factor is another great aspect of the Osaki OS-7200H. This chair has more than one intensity setting. This means that it can be adjusted to fit the needs of that particular user. Some need a more intense massage while others need something a bit weaker. With the intensity adjustable across five settings, the user can choose what is needed and make sure that the chair provides just that to them. And that is a beautiful thing!

The Pros and Cons

The Osaki OS-7200H has many advanced features that make it a great chair to use. There are numerous different features that really take it a step up from others on the market. The pros and cons of the machine are something that should be highlighted before an individual purchases. While the pros are extensive, there are some drawbacks. The pros and cons include:

The Strengths:

  • Extensive air bag system
  • Long rollers
  • Intensity level variation
  • No Gravity feature
  • Able to use by individuals with multiple heights

The Weaknesses:

  • The intensity level is too high for some users
  • Cost can be a factor in purchasing


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Taking a Closer Look: All of the Bells and Whistles of the Compact Human Touch HT-7450 in a Single Review

The Human Touch HT-7450 is an impressively professional machine. It is not for those that want “just another massage chair.” Instead, this chair has an elite style that is all its own. Part of the reason is because of the numerous features on this machine. It is packed with great additives and characteristics that really help the user to get the best massage possible.

The Human Touch HT-7450 has features that help to elongate the body beyond just the general massage positioning. There is an emphasis on healing the muscles and really improving upon the needs and wants of the body. This, coupled with other amazing features, makes it a top option in massage chairs on the market today. In order to learn more, read the review below.

No Gravity?

Okay, the Human Touch HT-7450 does not blast you off into space and leave you feeling weightless, but it comes pretty close. The 7450 has a feature known as zero gravity positioning. What this does is lean the chair back into an s-like reclined position. This position helps to give the impression of weightlessness and naturally relaxes the body. What it also does is help to open up the spine and make the massage work more effectively. The other great thing about zero gravity features is that it reclines the chair but does not move the chair backwards. That means that only the individual using the massage chair is impacted and the chair can still be kept close to the wall without worry of marking it or causing damage.

Human Touch?

The reason that Human Touch is called Human Touch is because it aims to creates chairs that feel like a real person is massaging them. The Human Touch HT-7450 is no exception. This chair has over five different massage options that work to feel like a masseuse is touching the body. There is a kneading option for those that want that feel. There is a rolling motion option as well. From flapping to percussion and more, these programs are great and the choices allow the user to utilize the chair to best fit their needs while still adhering to the need for a life-like experience. Human Touch has really done it again with this chair!

Heating the Back

The back region of the body is one of the most susceptible to life stress and pain. This region is also among the most important in the body and should be protected and soothed whenever possible. The Human Touch HT-7450 has taken this into account and developed a chair that really focuses on this area. Specifically, they have done this with a lumbar heat option. With a simple click of the remote, this feature is turned on and will help to heat the back and lower lumbar area, opening it up to a more effective massage and a deeper feeling. It is that simple! Users love this option and can use it with ease.

The Programs

The Human Touch HT-7450 believes that you should be able to customize your massage. This is true. But, what it also hopes to do is allow you to lay back and relax. That is why it has created numerous different pre-set programs from which you can choose, rather than manually selecting a setting. Moreover, these programs do not focus on a singular region. Instead, there is full body massaging and enough airbags to treat you to an amazing experience from the top of the head to the tip of the toes.

The Size

Finally, what makes this chair so popular is that it is not bulky. It can fit in smaller spaces with ease and can still allow for a highly effective massage. A bulkier chair does not mean it has more features. The Human Touch HT-7450 is proving that with its smaller size with all of the bells and whistles of the larger machine.

The Benefits of this Massage Chair:

  • Human-like massages
  • Pre-programs and manual selection as well
  • Calf and foot massager for a truly spa-like experience
  • Heated options
  • Able to position at zero-gravity

The Drawbacks of this Massage Chair:

  • Less options than other Human Touch chairs
  • Too small to fit all body types


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