When it comes to choosing a massage chair, the task can be daunting and mundane. A lot of chairs start to blend together with their similar features and their lack of uniqueness. For the seasoned buyer, weaving through the different features can be easier than when a newbie to the field starts looking. But, even the most well-experienced individual can find the task overwhelming when a chair does not stand out against the numerous others in their field. That is why the Titan TI-7800 is a must explore.

The Titan TI-7800 is a chair that is made with the user in mind. They have taken the time to really think about what is on the market and where the market can be improved. The Titan is packed with features that individually may not have uniqueness but on the same chair, really do. All of these features, plus the focus on design, is why this chair is rising to the top of the massage chair list. To learn more about this highly popular chair and all that it has to offer, read the in-depth review below!

The Design

The Titan TI 7800 is a chair with great options in style. This is very different than other chairs on the market. The Titan TI 87800 does not believe that individuals need to have the same look in a chair. That is why they have created choices. Those that want this chair can choose different color options and design selections. There are four different looks with combinations of colors that are great for many different environments. This style choice is another highlight of the chair and really adheres to the 7800’s belief that just because the chair has so many functions does not mean that the design has to suffer in the process.

The Options

One of the most impressive features of the Titan TI-7800 is the programs that are equipped on this chair. There are four different pre-programmed choices for those that want the chair to navigate their massage for them. The programs are based upon two different choices: the type and the motion. The types of massages include options like Shiatsu, which is great for those who have an idea of what their body needs or just want to choose an option that is highly popular in spas. There also the options that feel like the hands of a well-seasoned masseuse. These human-based options include motions like kneading and tapping, depending on what the user selects.

Others, though, do not want the machine to dictate how their massage navigates their body. That is okay and Titan has thought of this. With the Titan TI-7800, a user can choose how they want the chair to work and where they want the massage to focus. This helps because it can choose a different location of massage and then switch it up with the click of the remote. It is that simple and that customizable which makes it a great chair for users that have specific needs and wants from their massage.

The Cost

Massage chairs can range in price. Some cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Others are cheaper but may not deliver on the promises that they make. What is great about the Titan Ti-7800 is that it is a happy medium between these two places. This chair is great because it is affordable, especially when compared to the high costs that massage chairs can pull in. Yet, it does not sacrifice on all of the  amazing features that a chair can have. In fact, it packs amazingness into the chair time and time again. From the style options to the massage selections, it is a great and affordable chair selection.

The Plan

The other reason that there is so much love for this massage chair goes beyond just the price and features themselves. This chair actually comes with a warranty that makes it great and protects the buyer against normal breakdown and wear and tear that any chair will experience. This protection plan only increases the value and makes the chair a great option for those that want true value with all of the bells and whistles and highlights Titan’s belief that everyone should be able to experience a great massage whenever they want!